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Are you a current EJTC Apprentice

Are you a current EJTC Apprentice

If you are an EJTC apprentice only:

Shannon Zahara – Apprenticeship Administrator – T. 604-571-6529 (direct)


Erin Searle – Apprenticeship Administrator – T. 604-571-6530 (direct)

Who is the EJTC?

How long is an EJTC apprenticeship?

Why do I need 9000 hours?

I worked with a non-union contractor and they didn’t submit my hours to SkilledTrades BC. How can I get credit for those hours?

Why don’t my hours that I’ve worked on my pay stubs match my SkilledTrades BC transcript?

How do I get a raise?

Why has my term been frozen?

Do I need to let my contractor know I got a raise?

Why haven’t I gotten my raise?

What do I do if I’ve been laid off?

How is school scheduled?

When am I going to school?

I received a notice for school but can’t attend.

I know I am supposed to attend school but haven’t received my notice yet.

I dropped out of class. What happens now?

I failed school 3 times. What happens now?

How to apply for EI to go to school

Where is my reference number to apply for EI?

I have paid my tuition, why am I not registered with BCIT yet?

Can I go to another institution besides BCIT?

Can I go to class at a BCIT Satellite campus?

How do I pay for my school seat?

I received an email to pay for school. Now what?

Textbook reimbursement

Apprentice Incentive Grant

I am missing hours on my STBC transcripts

How come I haven’t been signed off as a Journeyperson yet? I received an email from SkilledTrades BC.

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